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Skin Scars Text


Essential Elements of A Scar

The essential elements of scars are the end results of what happens when the skin natural auto-repair mechanism repairs wounds small or large that are caused by accidents, surgery, cuts, bruises or disease. This natural healing process can be short or long in duration depending on the degree of the skin damage. Usually the higher the degree of skin damage, the longer the duration of the healing process and the greater the potential of the appearance of the  elements of a visibly noticeable scar would develop.

The elements of a scars appearance are dependent on its color, texture, length, width, depth or direction. Usually the degree of prominence of scars decreases over time with an initial increase and then a gradual fading away. The manifestations of the visual prominence of the elements of scars are deeply related to the area of location of the scar on the body or face and the age of occurrence of the scar.

Younger skin tends to overheal causing larger thicker scars than older skin.   Scars that occur over a jawbone tend to be more prominent as opposed to scars on a cheek because the skin of the jawbone is tighter than the skin of the cheek.
Depressed scars tend to cast a shadow on the skin especially if its occurrence location is higher than the surrounding skin because it tends to cast a shadow.
Scars that are for instance wider than naturally occurring wrinkles or skin lines and directionally cross these natural expression lines will show prominence because of its counter directional flow as opposed to the natural lines and wrinkles. 
However these scars are all treatable with the use of some High Quality Special Formulary Products or by procedures that can be performed by your dermatologists to improve the cosmetic appearance of the affected areas.

Treatment and Corrective Procedures For Scars


Recent advances in medical technology has lead to the development of many fascinating and effective developments of some High Quality Special Formulary products  designed to alleviate the cosmetic appearances of scars and most of these are available over the counter from your Pharmacists without a prescription.

There are also currently available several techniques that can help to minimize scars through your dermatologists. Dermatologists are now armed with surgical procedures designed to reduce the length, width or directions of a scar; raise depressed scars , or lower elevated scars. But it is worth noting that there are no procedures yet that will completely reverse scars and the skin to its original uninjured status. Only major improvements in the appearance of the skin can be achieved.



 This is a procedure for the treatment of fine scars and minor irregularities of the skins surface that aid in improving the look of some surgical or acne scars. In this procedure an electrical machine is used to remove the top layers of the skin, leveling out irregularities in the contour of the skin. It may offer improvement in for certain scars but it cannot get rid of the scar. It has however been use favorable with on acne scars, tattoos, wrinkle lines, chicken pox and surgical scars. The recovery period ranges from two to three weeks.

Skin Needeling or PCI (

Surgical Scar Revision

Only scars that are wide or long and in prominent places, or scars that have healed in a particular pattern or shape are recommended for surgical revision. This procedure involves the removing of a scar and rejoining the normal skin in a less obvious manner. In this case long scars can be shortened and wide scars can be cut away and closed, resulting in a narrower, less obvious scar. A scar’s direction can also be changed so that all or part of the scar that crosses a natural wrinkle or fine line falls into the wrinkle, making it less noticeable. Scars can also be moved into more locations where they are less noticeable.

Collagen injections

Injectable collagen, which is a natural animal protein, is a substance that is often used to raise sunken soft scars and the amount of collagen use varies with the size and firmness of the scar. The draw back here is that you have to be tested for allergy to the collagen before use and although the improvement is immediate, it is not permanent because repeated retreatments are required.


Skin needling or PCI (Percutaneous Collagen Induction) is a beauty procedure that involves pricking the skin with fine needles as deep as 1-3 mm. The treatment is performed using a needle roller that is applied to the area that needs work.derma
What are the benefits?  Skin needling is a great treatment for individuals who seek firm skin, less wrinkles and scarring and an overall improvement in skin tone and texture.
How does it work? It’s a known fact that skin damage whether it’s a burn or scratch leads to skin remodeling.  By pricking the skin, the skin is forced to remodel and regenerate new skin cells in turn leading to more youthful glowing skin.
Who should get this done? If you’re looking for minimal pain, an inexpensive anti-wrinkle procedure and quick recovery then skin needling is a good option. This treatment is great for skin tightening of the neck, arms, abs, thighs, breasts, butt, wrinkles and reducing visible scars.
Advantages? Not as damaging as other treatments, increases collagen and elastin synthesis, great for all skin type and skin tones, easily mastered and topical anesthetics are an option.
skin_needlingWhat are the negative side effects? Similar to tattooing, skin needling involves exposure to blood and if not treated properly then infection may occur. You will need a few needling treatments to compare to the results of laser resurfacing. Because skin needling is not easily patented, not many studies have been done on the procedure. Good news is that many well known doctors have been incorporating skin needling in their practice and testify positive results!
A few companies have perfected a Do-it-Yourself Derma Roller that you can purchase for as low as $50. They claim that they are easy to use and inflict little to no blood.
Would I try it? Sure! I would actually love to purchase and at home roller and try it on my stretch marks. Apparently, it really helps rebuild the collagen in old scarring.


Laser Resurfacing

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This procedure for the treatment of fine scars and wrinkles involves the use of high energy light to burn away damaged skin. The recovery period is usually about two weeks. However, resultant skin discolorations can last up to 6 months. The type of laser used is dependent on the skin defect that needs to be improved.

Chemical Skin Peels

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Chemical skin peels is a procedure for removing the top layer of the skin with a specific chemical entity in order to smooth depressed scars and give the skin a more evened coloration. It is best suited for superficial scars, and is often used to treat sun-damaged, or irregularly colored skin. Different chemicals can be used for different depth of peels. The light peels usually heal in no time at all, while the deeper peels may involve a healing time of up to two weeks. The chemical is applied to the skin with a regular cotton-tipped applicator starting on the forehead and moving down over the cheeks to the chin. The type of peel selected is dependent on the amount of scarring and the color changes.

Punch Skin Grafts

This procedure, which is the best treatment for deep acne scars, involves the use of small pieces of normal skin used to replace scarred skin. In the procedure a small instrument is used to punch a hole in the skin and remove the scar and this area is then filled with a matching piece of unscarred skin, usually taken from the back of the earlobe. The skin grafts are taped into place for up to seven days as they heal. These punch skin grafts provide a smooth skin surface which is far less visible than the depressed scars, although the grafts do form scars of their own. 



A procedure used on raised scars, involves the freezing of the upper skin layers which causes blistering of the skin and leads to a diminishing of the scar size.

Cryosurgery (cryotherapy) involves the application of extreme cold to destroy abnormal or diseased tissue This can help in the treatment of Warts, moles, skin tags, solar keratoses, Morton's neuroma and small skin cancers Soft tissue conditions such as planta fascitis and fibroma can also be treated with cryosurgery

Cryosurgery works by taking advantage of the destructive force of freezing temperatures on cells. At low temperatures, ice crystals form inside the cells, which can tear them apart. 


Cortisone injections

Cortisone and cortisone like injections are an effective treatment modality for firm scars or keloids in that the effectively soften these very firm scars or keloids, causing them to shrink and flatten to normal skin levels. 



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