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The Essence of Beauty Text
Essence of Beauty Image

The Essence of Beauty involves  methodical, primordial daily activities focused on the Skin with the desired effect of maintaining the Skin at a peak or optimal level of Smoothness, Softness and above all Clearness on a level reminiscent of a baby’s Skin.  The value of Beauty is of such immense power that the most ardent believers in Beauty recognize and pursue with passionate ambition if not but for the cause and effect relation it entices. diagram 

This diagram Shows that Increase in Beauty, Leads to an increase in Self Confidence, More Power and Wealth and increased Perceptions.

This is based on Research. Researchers determined that the Average Face like yours and mine can be made  Beautifuland Attractive based on a few basic tweaks. These tweaks begin with the underlying CLEAR SKIN that is free of ACNE, BLEMISHES and DARK SPOTS, is SMOOTH, SOFT and GLOWING with a YOUTHFUL exuberance. Has a CLEAR COMPLEXION, is free of WRINKLES and FINE LINES, has SMALL or DEMINISHED PORES, is EXFOLIATED to reveal NEW SKIN, has NO SUN DAMAGE and is free of SKIN DISEASES.
The overriding consideration for the ESSENCE OF BEAUTY found is fundamentally a CLEAR SKIN and COMPLEXION. Everyone can achieve this result by following the basic and simple steps of Skin Care Religiously, using an uncompromising High Quality Formulary Set of Products. Such as BEAUTY CLASSICS® HIGHEST QUALITY PHARMACIST BEST FORMULARY CLEAR SKIN CARE PRODUCTS.
These Products address the basic Skin Care Routine that will achieve Your Beauty Success rate if used as directed and recommended without significant Deviation from their suggested use.

Step One:        Showering and Toweling:
A daily MUST > You must shower daily all year round. But be careful not to use a Detergent Soap. As these can strip away all of your essential natural body oils.

ShowerAlways shower with Warm Water not Boiling Hot Water. Even if it is supposed to feel therapeutic. Very Hot Water  can strip away all of your essential natural body oils.
Always Towel off with a padding stroke. Do not completely Dry Off your Skin after a shower.

Towel Off

You want to have a residual amount of moisture (water) on your body before you MOISTURIZE the body itself.  
Step Two:       Moisturizing:   
A daily MUST> You must moisturize your entire body with a High Quality Formulary Moisturizer, in cream or lotion, such as BEAUTY CLASSICS® High Quality Formulary Pharmacist Formulary Therapeutic Clear Skin Care Moisturizers Dry Skin Cream or Dry Skin Fluid that has at least an SPF 15
immediately coming off the shower with Water or Moisture still on your skin. This will help to seal in the water and together with the moisturizer optimize the moisturerization of the skin.
Moisture is the DNA of Beautiful Skin.  
Research has shown that moisture is the Essence of Beautiful Skin. It is moisture that keeps the Skin looking soft, supple and smooth. Without moisture you have Dry Skin which is Ashy, Whitish, Scaly, Gritty and Ugly looking. Moisture is absolutely essential for the multitudes of chemical reactions that are necessary to keep the skin Healthy Looking, Youthful and firm with its importance in the healthy collagen development complex system.
Step Three: Cleansing:   
A daily MUST> The daily Cleansing of the Face and Neck is very essential in ensuring a Clear Skin and a Beautiful Face. Cleansing should involve the use of non-detergent and harsh chemical Cleansers. Cleansing is the process by which Dirt and Dead Skin from a hard day is removed from the face to allow a fresh new beginning.
It should also involve the activities of a well incorporated Anti-Bacterial agent that will sanitize the cleansed skin of any residual bacterial skin baggage from a hard day. Good Cleansers should Lather up well upon application. The recommended best cleansing solutions must involve the use of a High Quality Formulary Anti-Bacterial Cleansers such as BEAUTY CLASSICS® High Quality Pharmacist Formulary Clear Skin Cleansers the Aqua Deep Clean Anti-Bacterial Cleansers, which are detergent free and lather up like a fluff upon application.
Step Four: Toning:
A daily MUST; The object of Skin Toning is to clean excessive oil from the skin. You should Tone your Skin in order to obtain a youthful and rejuvenated feel. They tend to cause the skin to feel tighter because of a mild skin irritation. In the Toning of your skin there is an increased blood supply to the skin. Toners are used to clean the oil from the skin. Toning helps remove any residual cleanser or make-up that may have been left behind. They also help to restore the natural PH level of the skin, leave your skin clean, clear and ready to be hydrated. Although it seems like it, Toners do not actually close pores. The diminished the appearance of pores due to the fact that they cause a mild skin irritation which causes swelling of the skin and so the pores appear less prominent. Toning is the protective step after gentle, but thorough cleansing of skin as it keeps pores clean, skin healthy and breathing and thus more receptive to ultimate in nourishing care that comes with moisturizing.
The proper use and application of Toners involves moistening  a cotton ball with the Toner and applying it on the chin, cheeks, and neck. Avoid eyes and upper cheeks when applying. For best results Toners must be alcohol-free as alcohol dries off skin. Alcohol-based Toners are used and usually recommended for oily skins. If there is a burning sensation, discontinue and use a non-alcoholic based Toner. Note that you have to tone your skin for a youthful, rejuvenated feel.
However, if your skin is extremely dry and shows tendencies for other more severe skin problems, toning could pose a threat. In this case, skip toning altogether, or until such time as your skin has improved and you feel it's safe to continue your dry skin care program. In all the youthful and rejuvenating feel of Toning and the preparation of the skin for hydration is its most Essential value to Beauty and requires the use of High Quality Formulary Products such as BEAUTY CLASSICS® High Quality Pharmacist Formulary Clear Skin Care Toners theAqua Clear™ Acne Control Toner fortified additionally with active ingredients that will prevent the occurrence of Acne for all ages.
 Step Five: Beauty Lotions and Creams and Cosmetics
The abject reference to Beauty Lotions and Creams and Cosmetics is the various Deep Moisturizing Face Creams and Lotions, Anti-Acne Creams and Lotions, Sun Protection Creams and Lotions, Anti-Aging/Anti-Wrinkle Creams and Lotions, Facial Masks and Peels, Cosmetic Make-up Creams, Lotions and Powders etc. that you apply to augment the Skin Beautifying Step or Processes that you have already taken previously in order to maintain a CLEAR, BEAUTIFUL, SKIN.
Therefore the Essence of Beauty involves Mandatorily the first four steps as a must for CLEAR SKIN, then augmented by the special products formulated to address the special desires of your individual Skin in order to achieve your optimal individual Beauty.

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