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Our Mission Satement

Our Mission Statement


is a wholly owned subsidiary of ÉSENDÊGE® Inc.

It was founded by a Leading American Research Industrial Pharmacist for the Sole Purpose of Researching, Innovating, Developing and bringing to the Global Human Population the Organic Pharmaceutical Scientific Basis of Skin Care as the Mother of the Conception of BEAUTY.
BEAUTY by Definition is an attractive quality that gives sensory or perceptive pleasure to those who experience it or think about it. Referencing a person who has this attractive quality Beauty usually means an Attractive Appearance. An Attractive Appearance distantly can refer to the Shape of the Body. But up close and personal it all has to do with the SKIN and it’s NATURE.
An Attractive Appearance of the Skin close-up and personal is therefore the substance of BEAUTY. Since no one is born with skin that is  beautiful and lasts forever without augmentation, Perpetual Skin Care is therefore the solution to Perpetual BEAUTY up close and personal.



is to make an Attractive Appearance up close and personal a real possibility for the Globe by providing Organic Pharmaceutical Formulary, Therapeutic, Prescription Grade Skin Care Solutions for All Skin Types Over The Counter.
We are


"Ingredients for Beauty"

“Beautifying the World Up Close and Personal.”

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