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ne of the most essential objectives and desires of our basic skin care regiments is to have a Skin Tone and Complexion that is Clear, Spotless and Even Toned all over. Some people are more concerned, understandably, about the evenness of their facial complexion while others are more concerned about the evenness of their entire body complexion.



chieving this can seem a daunting task, especially for those of us proned to having major areas of dark spots on our face and body which are due to hyper-pigmentation of melanin in these dark spots. The good news is Pharmacists and Dermatologist have, for many years, recognized the effectiveness of using Hydroquinone based products to fade away dark spots and blemishes and have prescribed and dispensed millions of prescriptions of these products for their patients with satisfactory results.



he evidence is overwhelming that these are the most effective products for Clearing hyperpigmentary conditions that can be due to Acneand Blemishes. However, the consumer now has available over the counter several formulations and brands of hydroquinone based products at the 2% level without a prescription, but the trick here is that not all of these over the counter Fade Creams, Lotions and Gels are optimally formulated to provide your skin with multiple benefits other than fading. It is highly recommended that you use a High Quality Fade Cream such as BEAUTY CLASSICS® High Quality Pharmacist Formulary Clear Skincare product Clear Skin Essenceä which is optimally formulated to provide your skin with Excellent Fading properties- to help clear blemishes and dark spots, Potent moisturizers- to help yours skin retain vital moisture and leave it feeling Soft, Supple and Smooth, Antioxidant Vitamin-E-to help fight free radical skin damage and Sunscreens- to protect the skin from damaging Ultraviolet sunlight thus preventing the development of fine skin lines and wrinkles.


It essential to understand that the Absolute Essence of Clear Skin is not just the final step of fading away blemishes and dark spots but a comprehensive daily regimen that involves 1. Cleansing preferably with AQUA DEEP CLEAN™ cleanser, 2. Toning preferably with AQUA CLEAR™ acne control Toner, 3. Moisturizing with DRY SKIN CREAM™ or DRY SKIN FLUID™ 4. EXFOLIATING preferably with DURALAC™ and finally 5. Fading preferably with CLEAR SKIN ESSENCE™. Use of right quality formulary products such as BEAUTY CLASSICS® High Quality Pharmacist Formulary Clear Skincare Products is also essential in order to guarantee results.


Because the underlying causes of blemishes and dark spots are different, achieving a Skin So Clear will also require additional addressing of the various methods of eliminating these underlying causes.

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