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ne of the most essential objectives and desires of our basic skin care regiments is to have a Skin Tone and Complexion that is Clear, Spotless and Even Toned and Oh! So Smooth To The Touch all over. Some people are more concerned, understandably, about the smoothness of their facial complexion while others are more concerned about the smoothness of their entire body complexion.



chieving this can seem a daunting task, especially for those of us proned to having major areas of our skin that is rough, highly porose, uneven in texture, dry and scaly. There are usually areas of our body or face that are scared, wrinkled and abrasive. The good news is Pharmacists and Dermatologist have, for many years, recognized the effectiveness of using High Quality Special Formulary Moisturizers and Alpha-Hydroxy Acid creams, lotions, ointments and gels such as the BEAUTY CLASSICS® High Quality Pharmacist Formulary Clear Skin Products moisturizers image004DRY SKIN CREAM™ and image004

DRY SKIN FLUID™, the alpha hydroxy image004Duralac™ that work effectively in moisturizing fully the skin and in skin renewal that will improve the smoothness, softness and even texture of our skin.



ssentially the roughness, dryness and scaly appearance of our skin is due to a basic lack of moisture. It’s that simple. Physicians and Pharmacist will always advice you that the adequate intake of clear fluids, especially water, is essential in maintaining a healthy body and skin. But the added use daily and as often as possible of these quality formulary moisturizer is beyond reproach when the objective is to have a smooth skin texture. In addition the smoother the texture of your skin the younger looking and healthier feeling the appearance of your skin.



hese quality formulary moisturizers are usually formulated with very effective moisturizers that will attract and retain moisture to your skin while they also have quality component occlusive agents which will block the loss of these retained moisture from the skin. All moisturizers are not the same and special care should be taken in evaluating the properties of the formulation without paying too much attention to how cheap the product is. The objective is to get the job done right and to get the best bang for your buck.



t is worth noting here that you can only achieve a Skin So Smooth by the daily and religious use of these moisturizers. Sometimes more than two to three times a day in order to see the genuine results you desire and the psychological impact on yourself when you do see these results will be massive in terms of the good feeling of self worth and personal beauty satisfaction. Remember that the more beautiful you feel about your self the greater the degree of confidence in your self and your expression to the outer world also changes as discussed in our section on the Skin and Psychology.

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