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The White or Caucasian Skin

All skin Type are biologically the same in makeup. The main difference between tWhite or Caucasian skin and the Black Skin or the Skin of Color is the shear difference in the lack of or the slow rate of production of melanocytes, which produce melanin that provides color and protection to the skin and as such most skin diseases that occur in Blacks and People of Color also occur in skin types of Whites or Caucasians. But there are however certain skin conditions that are more common in Whites and Caucasians and as such require Special Formulary Product Considerations.



The essence of a beautiful skin is its moisture content and balance. Skin that is dry presents slightly differently in the White or Caucasian skin.

Esthetically the dry White skin is not only discomforting but can present as an easily noticeable Grayish “Ashy” appearance that is both displeasing in appearance, and embarrassing hygienic symbolism and can make the White skin look more whitish, pale and aging.



Using Potent High Quality Formulary Skincare  Moisturizers with High Moisturizer contents and High  Occlusive Properties will help build up the skins moisture content and balance and help to reduce or eliminate Dry or Ashy Skin and the excessive Whiteness or Pale appearance of the Caucasian Skin.




The color of the skin is determined by naturally occurring body skin cells called melanocytes. Melanocytes are melanin skin pigment producing cells. All peoples of all races, background or creed have the same number of melanocytes. In the black, Colored or African and African American skin types melanocytes produce more pigments and at a faster rate that their White or Caucasian counterpart Skin  Types.

Melanocytes produce melanin, which are dark skin pigmentations that protect the skin from the damaging effects of exposure to the Sun’s UV-radiation, which can cause skin cancers known as melanomas. Melanomas can be quite deadly if they go untreated and become malignant.

Melanin also protects then skin from premature wrinkling and aging due to Sun exposure.

The darker the skin type the greater the melanin production and concentration and the higher the protection of the skin from Sun exposure. But even in the black skin and other skins of color the melanin production and concentrations can vary widely leading to varying shades of light to dark skin types.


Because of their skin color, Africans, African-Americans, Blacks and other People of Color are better protected against skin cancer and premature wrinkling from sun exposure than Caucasians. But because of the variations in skin color these group of skin types are still prone to the effects of sun exposure and must exercise caution and good Judgment in selection quality skin care products that offer additional protection from sun exposure. This is not so for the Caucasian Skin. Even though daily Sun Skin Protection is recommended for all skin types it is MANDATORY for the Caucasian Skin Type because an ounce of prevention for the damaging effects of the Sun’s UVA & B light radiation is worth more than a pound of Cure. It is therefore required that all Caucasian Skin Type use a daily Body and Face Moisturizer such as BEAUTY CLASSICS® High Quality Pharmacist Formulary CLEAR Skincare Moisturizers such as Dry Skin Fluid™ or Dry Skin Cream™ with at least an SPF 15 Value especially beginning from the early ages of increased outdoor exposure in order to prevent future skin problems.




Some pigmentary conditions that are quite common in Blacks, Africans, African-Americans and other people of Color are usually too much color or too little color in some areas of the skin.

In the case of too much color, some area of the skin may darken after an injury, such as a cut or bruise or after some skin disorders such as Acne. These Dark Skin Spots present after healing Acne are far more common for the Caucasian Skin Type and as such the use of High Quality Skin Care Regiment and a Fade Cream to remove these Dark Skin Spots is Essential for the Acne Prone Caucasian Skin Types as for the Black Skin of Color. A recommendation for the use of BEAUTY CLASSICS® High Quality Pharmacist Formulary Clear Skin Care Productregiment and the use of it’s Clear Skin Essence™ is most desired here. These would be 1. Cleansing with Aqua Deep Skin Cleanser™, 2. Toning with Aqua Clear Acne Control Toner™ 3. Moisturizing with Dry Skin Fluid™ or Dry Skin Cream™ and Clarifying with Clear Skin Essence™.  

It is highly recommended that whenever these skin disorders occur such as breakouts the black skin should be treated gently with care. Avoid picking or pulling the skin and do not use harsh scrubbing and abrasive skin treatments.


Darkened area of the skin may take many months or years to fade. But hastening the fading process, in order to achieve depigmentation of the darkened skin areas and providing a clearer more evened skin tone, often requires the use of High quality Formulary Skin Fading Creams, Gels or Lotions that are gentle, non-abrasive yet potent in action with strong moisturizing or skin hydrating properties with the added protection of free radical antioxidants and sunscreens.