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ny discussion of the human body begins with the consideration of its Anatomy. However, because of the complex intricacies and entangled hierarchical structures that form the amalgamation of this all encompassing structure, we will limit our discussion to our interest which is THE AMAZING BEAUTY and the CLASSIC nature of its BEAUTY. The maintenance and enhancement of this CLASSIC BEAUTY OF ALL OF CREATION.

Throughout the history of the world the body has been the apple of man’s eye. Thousands of words in hundreds of languages all over the world have been used to describe the Human Body. A few of the divinely positive descriptions include the ESSENCE OF IT, the MAJESTY OF ITS PRESENCE, IT’S GRACEFULNESS, the ABJECT BEAUTY OF ITS FORM AND POSE, the GRANDIEUR OF ITS ECSTACY,  the FLUIDITY OF IT’S MOTION, the LUMENESCENCE OF IT’S TEXTURE, the AMOUROUS SPLENDOR OF ITS FEEL,   ITS BEAUTY IN THE RANGE OF ITS VARIOUS COLOR VARIATIONS.


These adjectives of description of perspective in time go to demonstrate the limitless end the human body can go to and irreverently illustrates the underlying denominating factor of change as a constant. The constant of change when introduced into the human body can create limitless possibilities of BEAUTY in its most CLASSIC Originality or DESTITUTE UGLINESS and REPELLING UNATRACTIVENESS in its most unintended purpose of the manifestation of the GRANDIEUR of creation by the magnificence of the creator.

The body therefore is a most magnificent work of ART that needs to be handled with the utmost delicacy. It is at is most dynamic in beauty when it is visually perceived as CLEAR, SMOOTH, SOFT AND SUPPLE. Without BLEMISH, DARK SPOTS, PATCHES OF DISCOLORATION. But obviously CLEAR AND EVEN IN ITS COMPLEXION. Radiant in the light. Sculptured like a chiseled marble statue of perfection.

Like any great work of art it needs most of all the right HUMIDITY, the right exposure to Sunlight and proper Cleansing and regular Maintenance so that all that is beautiful about it can shine through.


 beautiful body has been known to initiate all kinds of reactions between the sexes. It is a fact that the human mating process is initiated by the perception of attractiveness of the Body. It is also an established fact that belief in the Beauty of one’s body is a major contributing factor to the feeling of a good self esteem and self worth. Since self esteem and self worth are the major elements of self confidence and self confidence is the driving force behind personal success and achievement in all manners of human activities, achieving or obtaining a Beautiful Body is one of man’s primary objectives. The rewards are overflowing. That’s why we celebrate the body.

Not everyone is born with a Beautiful Body but everyone has the ability to improve on the Beauty of their body by taking action on various fronts. These fronts range from Exercise and Diet in order to achieve the right balance of Weight to Height ratio, to the use of Cosmeceuticals or Skincare Products in order to achieve the right Body Skin Tone, Skin Texture, Clear Skin, Smooth Skin, Youthful and Glowing Skin, to the use of Cosmetics to accentuate the Beauty of the underlying Skin to a higher level of attractiveness and to the use of Cosmetic Surgery to correct perceived imbalance of unattractiveness of the Body.

Understandably most of all Human Beings will go to great lengths in order to achieve their perception of Beauty of The Body in a Classical or Radical term because, a Beautiful Body is the most powerful currency on planet earth. Nations have gone to war over it. Crimes of all nature have been committed because of it, Kings and whole Kingdoms have risen and fallen because of it. It can be the greatest pathway to Fortune, Wealth and Power and also a seductive aphrodisiac to monumental falls from Power, Wealth and Grace. But there is no misunderstanding that it is arguably one of man’s most powerful currencies.

That’s why we value the BODY and will do or use whatever is necessary to enhance ours. BEAUTY CLASSICS ® as such has achieved a High Quality Pharmacist Formulary Clear Skin Care and Beautiful Body Care set of products that are highly effective in helping you achieve a Beautiful Body and Skin so that you can improve the value of your Beautiful Body as a Strong Currency in the non-metaphysical realm of mobility in the Human experience.             


 The human body is the entire structure of a human organism, and consists of a head, neck, torso, two arms and two legs. By the time the human reaches adulthood, the body consists of close to 100 trillion cells the basic unit of life. These cells are organized biologically to eventually form the whole body.

300px-Anterior_view_of_human_female_and_male,_with_labels.jpgThe Body Female and Male

The average height of an adult male human (in developed countries) is about 1.7–1.8 m (5'7" to 5'11") tall and the adult female about 1.6–1.7 m (5'2" to 5'7") tall. This size is firstly determined by genes and secondly by diet. Body Type and body composition are influenced by postnatal factors such as diet and exercise.

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