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he Face is the most magnificent of bodily structures. It is also the most revealing, besides being considered as the greatest element of Attraction and Beauty, it reveals a whole lot more about our state of being to the environment than any other organ or structure. Your face alone can catapult you to wealth status beyond your dreams and it can castigate you to the lowest realm of humanity and passion depending on the subjective judgment of others. Since the beginning of time the face has been that bodily structure that everybody can form an opinion about by trying to read it and what it is saying. The face not only reveals Beauty in a Classical sense, it reveals emotions, state of mind, thought and thought process of the mind, cleanliness or dirtiness, carefulness or carelessness, youthfulness or aging. Most people can make a pretty accurate guess of your age just by looking at your face. Amazing! The way you smile or laugh can make your face attractive or repelling. Judgments of honesty are finalized by looking at people squarely in their faces. A well groomed face can make you look attractive while a poorly groomed face can make you look ugly, unattractive and physically repelling. The Beauty of the Face, no matter how defined by the individual, is the most important factor in initiating that most maddening of Lust that propels us to initiate contact and a relationship with another by any means necessary. Humans have been known to fork out fortunes and bear great risks of death in Duals and Mighty Nations have gone to war and destruction just for the sake of One Face. Whether it be to acquire, kiss, caress or just to be able to be around that One Face can stir up passions hidden so deep that they have the ability to shakeup humanity.    

Characteristics of a Beautiful Face

What is it that makes a face look beautiful? What are the differences between very attractive and less appealing faces? According to research published on beauty check, for every historical period and every human culture, people have always had their own ideal of beauty. But this ideal has never been constant and is still subject to changes. Research using computer generated prototypes have come up with some startling results.

Characteristic features of the female "sexy face" in comparison to the "unsexy face":

Attractive Face                                         Un-Attractive Face

  • Suntanned skin 
  • Narrower facial shape 
  • Less fat 
  • Fuller lips 
  • Slightly bigger distance of eyes 
  • Darker, narrower eye brows 
  • More, longer and darker lashes 
  • Higher cheek bones 
  • Narrower nose 
  • No eye rings 
  • Thinner lids

Characteristics of the male "Sexy face" in comparison to the "unsexy face": 


Attractive Face                Un-Attractive Face

  • Browner skin 
  • Narrower facial shape 
  • Less fat 
  • Fuller and more symmetrical lips 
  • Darker eye brows 
  • More and darker lashes 
  • Upper half of the face broader in relation to the lower 
  • Higher cheek bones 
  • Prominent lower jaw 
  • More prominent chin 
  • No receding brows 
  • Thinner lids 
  • No wrinkles between nose and corner of the mouth 



Even Claudia Schiffer does not look that perfect in reality. Her face has been electronically finished as different magazine editors admit: The skin gets its perfection by using various filters - thus pimples, large pores and small wrinkles disappear. Larger skin irregularities and wrinkles (e.g. under the eye) are retouched manually. All colors can be changed, for instance: the teeth get this bright white colour, the colour of the skin can be made browner and the blue of the eyes gets intensified. The eyes are worked on with sharp design filters - thus they appear more lively and more interesting. The manipulation of the white part of the eyes is particularly evident. It is strongly brightened (see her right eye which lies slightly in the shade and should normally look light-grey). Thus the eyes appear to be larger, younger and more beautiful.  


Social Perception

According to a study done by researchers and published on beauty check

Being surrounded by so much perfected beauty, it is not surprising that so many people are frustrated by their own appearance or that of their partners. This feeling of inadequacy is utilized by a whole branch of industry. More and more people seek to find help at beauty surgeons and many secretly hope to benefit from genetic engineering in order to provide at least their descendants with a perfectly styled body. So they keep on dreaming about an idealized form of beauty that has become an integral part of the media and which does not exist in reality.  

Do attractive people have any advantages? Are they treated better than less attractive? Is it important to look good on an application photo? According to researchers investigations the answer to these questions is yes. They could show that people are perceived more positively the more attractive they are.  
In order to examine this hypothesis they presented a range of different faces (unattractive, average attractive and attractive ones) to test subjects and asked to judge the person shown with respect to the following personality items:

A selection of the faces that were presented: 

Attractive female faces:



Unattractive female faces:


Attractive male faces:

Unattractive male faces:  

All faces do not exist in reality. They were created by using morphing software. Nevertheless, most of the test subjects have no problem to attribute certain personality characteristics to them.

The results are alarmingly clear. They found an enormously influencing attractiveness-stereotype: The more attractive the presented faces were, the more successful, content, friendly, intelligent, sociable, accessible, exciting, creative and busy the persons were estimated. The opposite applies to unattractive faces: The more unattractive the faces were the more negative characteristics were attributed to the person.  
The correlation between attractiveness and 
positive personality characteristics is very high (correlation coefficients between 0.70 and 0.90;). Earlier investigations could not find such strong effects. This is - contrary to other investigations - due to standardized conditions that we established in their experiments. They kept interfering factors, such as clothing, smiling, hair-style, jewelry, lighting effects or changing background consistent so that the only stimulus to be judged is the (more or less attractive) face itself.  
A small comfort for all who are not so happy with their appearance: Those factors that they suppressed deliberately in their experimental design play an important role in everyday life. And it is possible to counter a bad impression by having the correct outfit. Nevertheless: It remains that beautiful people have an enormous advantage. Especially in situations where a good first impression is decisive, beautiful people benefit from their attractiveness. And this is just because we are trapped by the simple false conclusion: "what is beautiful is also good"

Given these profound findings it is no doubt that ensuring your face is Beautiful or perceived as such is perhaps the most important thing you can do to increase your level of attractiveness. Worth noting in all the findings are these Basic Facts, Facial Beauty is most especially impacted by The Clarity of the Skin “Clear Skin goes a long way to make your Face look Beautiful”, The Smoothness of the SkinThe absence of Large Pores, The absence of Acne, The absence of Wrinkles or Fine Lines. Essentially following a daily routine and using the right High Quality Formulary Products such as the BEAUTY CLASSICS® Pharmacist Formulary Clear Skincare set of products can enhance your ability to achieve the results that would make your Face an Attractive and Beautiful Face.

 The importance of this is that research and history has proven that a BEAUTIFUL and ATTRACTIVE FACE gives you an enormous advantage in life. It has also been shown that a Beautiful and Attractive face is the Average Face like yours and mine except that its Beauty and Attractiveness can be enhanced by the things we do to take care of the underlying Skin and the appendages of the face such as the LIPS, the EYES, the EYEBROWS, the NOSE etc. There is no getting around using the right products especially designed and formulated to do just that “BEAUTY CLASSICS®”.


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